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More than 300 hundred years ago St.Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort dreamed about a holistic education for the children and the youth. He was the lover of wisdom because ‘wisdom is his cross’, ‘cross is his wisdom’. He believed in hard work and hard work was his ‘cross ’. His ardent desire was to establish a spiritual society where all types of people should come under one umbrella of Montfortian knowledge, and that’s what is happening now.

The work of Montfortions is undoubtedly very dextrous, we have a number of Institutions in which there are students and staff from all angles of our human society. As St.Montfort himself was a good writer, sculptor and a great orator, all those qualities are seen now in our institutions, in our children, in our fathers, brothers and sisters. It means St.Montfort is working in us and living with us in the congregations of “company of Marry”, community of the Holy Spirit” and Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel.

Dear parents of St.Montfort School at Nalgonda! You are not a single entity but you belong to such a benevolent global family. So we are proud of you! You are a part of that rich partnership. You belong to one heart which once stopped breathing and which started breathing for many. In this world of technological trade, we are doomed to make a shift towards a virtual world. We may at times have to travel with the speed of changing times. The mind is fickle and we need to have desire for wisdom whimsically as the minds restiveness is not a new thing.

Now a days, children are born with tabs and smart phones where in you can speak but can’t hear. You can touch but can’t feel. You can think but can’t wish to be in their senses. Our perceptions are modified and decoded with the numerical graphics. So we need to plan out meticulously to educate our children and to make their lives for a better tomorrow. Wish you all the best for the academic year 2023-24.